The Art Education Graduate Student Association/UNM Student Chapter of the NAEA

The UNM Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association is open to both undergraduate and graduate students in Art Education at UNM. The group meets regularly throughout the year. The group is also known as the Art Education Graduate Student Association (AEGSA).

Elected Officers for 2018-2019
Harold Specter – President
VACANT – Vice President
– Secretary
– Treasurer
 – Member-At-Large

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Justin Makemson

Past presidents of the AEGSA

2017-18 Heather Blair Jones
2016-17 Lindsay Stribling & Heather Blair Jones
2015-16 George Evans
2014-15 Christopher Bratton
2013-14 Matthew Eaton
2012-13 Lindsey Ward
2011-12 Maggie Robinson & Isaac AlaridPease
2010-11 Maggie Robinson
2009-10 Mara Pierce
2008-09 Santos Salinas-Contreras & Elizabeth Prusak
2007-08 Shara Finerman & Amy Traylor
2006-07 Mikhayla Harrell & Emma Lee Young
2005-06 Cinamon Gentry
2004-05 Kendra Ratcliffe
2003-04 Carla Wilkins
2002-03 Perry Heimer
2001-02 Celeste Macapia
2000-01 Mark Johnson

Descriptions of the AEGSA Officer Positions – HERE